3 Bedroom Villa for sale Lorca

Murcia, SPAIN
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Property Description


If you are looking for a bespoke, tailor-made, new-build villa that suits your every need then look no further!

PacoHouse is collaborating with local proven, reliable builder/developers (English & French spoken) and land owner to provide our clients their very own Mansion/Manor for the price of a standard house.
PacoHouse and the constructor will help you with every step of the process, including the finding and selecting the plot of land that you like, drawing up plans and arranging with architects to design your dream home, obtaining all the necessary licenses for the construction of this property etc.

All properties come with a BUILDING WARRANTY that covers the construction of the property, and a LICENSE GUARANTEE that guarantees that the necessary licenses would be obtained on the land for the property you want to build otherwise your money will be returned.

Property specification is exceptional, with properties being offered with custom design kitchens, fully fitted bathrooms, full central heating throughout, air-conditioning, fitted wardrobes, landscaped gardens, and a choice of floor tiles, wall times, bathroom fittings. Each villa will be constructed using the highest quality material and to a top specification. Essentially though this is your property and within planning limitations – will be built to a design and quality of your choosing. Each component of the property and design is individual and we will work with you to choose stonework, tile colours, room layout etc.

All land is classified as fully legal building land and owned unencumbered. Various plot sizes, from 5,000 sq. metres (little over an acre) to 20,000 sq. metres (5 acres) and various models with the possibility of designing your own model. All of our plots have either 5000m2 or over 20,000m2 of land, so this allows our clients a high level of privacy whilst still having neighbours at hand.

All land is located in the area of Lorca and surroundings, situated within 10-15mins drive from the historic, very beautiful university city of Lorca

Full management service before and during construction until habitation license is obtained and utilities connected. Every step of the process is closely monitored and reported and if what you want is possible it can be done.

This option provides total peace of mind and security with your money protected through every step of the process. Once you have chosen a plot and design of villa all that is required to secure it is a small holding fee (which will be held by lawyer). This secures land/build until the building project and licences are issued (approx 10-12 weeks). At this stage a further payment, to cover land purchase, will be required with rest of payments running over course of build until you pick up the keys to your new home. Every payment made is through the lawyer’s escrow account for your total peace of mind and security.

PLEASE NOTE - The images included in this listing are of properties that have been built by the constructor but DO NOT reflect what can be built for €250,000 and are for illustrative purposes only.

Typical costs are:

150m2 villa (3-4 bed) with 5000m2 or 20000m2 plot and 8x4 swimming pool - €260,000
200m2 villa (3-5 bed) with 5000m2 or 20000m2 plot and 8x4 swimming pool - €320,000
220m2 villa (3-6 bed) with 5000m2 or 20000m2 plot and 10x5 swimming pool and 150m2 underbuild - €375,000

Please note, these prices are estimations and depend on what extras and the complexity of the design of the property. A similar sized property could cost more or less than these amounts.

The process from start through to design and to completion created to result in a property which is yours and matches your requirements down to the finest detail. From making the decision to picking up keys allow 9-10 months.

This is what is provided by our proven/reliable builder/developers:
“We feel that we are unique in offering a completely tailor-made villa design service which begins with land selection, then house design and finally materials selection. Absolutely everything in the house is chosen from all the options available on the market.
Real choice means that every single detail of the house is chosen by the client, from the positioning of electric plugs to the type of stonework around the windows. As we have many years experience in managing this process, we are at your disposal for advice so invariably designing a house with us is an enjoyable, once in a lifetime experience. Quality is our top priority in construction so we constantly aim to have the highest specification on the market…by far.”

For more information or to arrange a viewing, please contact us.

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